Christian Mission 2 Gaza


Welcome to Christian Mission to Gaza! Our mission is to one of the most heavily populated and needy cities in the world. Our goals are:

  • To apply the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the spiritual, physical and social needs of the people of Gaza.
  • To work with churches in the United States to establish opportunities for short-term mission trips.
  • To encourage our Christian brothers in Gaza.
  • To share the Good News of the love of God with the people in Gaza through community development.

Latest E-mail News from the Massad Family:

February 21, 2012

Dear friends,

Greetings to you from Amman!

This semester I am teaching course at JETS (Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary) called The Struggle of Spiritual Growth. I have students from Egypt, Jordan and Sudan. I continue to pastor the church for the Iraqi refugees, where we minister to more than 200 families with a holistic ministry. I not only teach and preach the Word of God and visit the people, but with others I also help them with food and medicine. At this time Dr. Jim Witty is here with me in Amman for a few days. He is a psychologist and pastor with years of experience and he does special training in trauma and crisis counseling, while also helping me in my teaching at JETS and with the Iraqi refugees. We are also in the process of offering special training in this area to the wider community in Jordan with the help of his friend Dr. Ted George, who is a psychiatrist from the US.

I am going to Gaza on Wednesday, Feb. 22 to March 1. We will restart the Bethlehem Bible College (BBC) extension. I will start to teach the Gospel of John at the BA level and hopefully in the Fall 2012 the BBC will start the program at the Masters level. Of course, CMG continues to help the poor and needy (both Christians and Muslims) with food and medicine. Also, due to a special grant at this time from Open Doors, we will be able to help some of the poor Christian families in Gaza in their specific needs as individuals and families. Finally, I will be continue to support and encourage the Christian community through preaching, pastoral visits and prayers.

Please pray for a fruitful visit and safe trip. I have to travel to Gaza via Cairo and the Egyptian border (which is longer and more expensive).

Please pray for the following requests:

  • Teaching at Gaza extension
  • That I will be able to encourage the community as I visit and pray with the people.
  • For Suhad and the children, as they stay in Amman by themselves.
  • For Dr. Jim Witty, as we minister together in Amman at this time and for future plans with Dr. Ted George.
  • For a quilt project among the Iraqi refugee we hope to start soon; the ladies who are involved in this project will hopefully be able to support their families; we hope to start this project in Gaza as well.
  • For my sister Renee in Gaza (she has muscular dystrophy), as I spend some time with her.

Thank you very much for your prayers, and for standing with us all these years. It means a lot to us!

Hanna, Suhad, Joyce & Jolene